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Have you found it difficult to register online so that you can come to a Sunday Service?

Have you felt your blood pressure rising as soon as you click on one confusing screen that takes you to another confusing screen?

You are not alone!!

Along with all the other adaptations we are having to make, using online resources for the church is one of them and not always the most straightforward one of them.

We are working on making our website and the registration process as easy as possible and as accessible as possible.

If you'd like to attend an in-person service at the church...

Click Here for Information and Instruction on How to Register

Click Here to Go Directly to Registration Site


If your preference is to worship online at home...

Click Here and Find the Most Recent Sunday Posting


And when all else fails, which it often does...

Email Ruthanne at


Call Ruthanne at 905-985-7278 ext.22 and leave a message.

Tell her which Sunday you'd like to attend and how many tickets you need.  She will email or call you back to confirm.


May God bless us all with a spirit of patience with our computers....