There was a time when most people were connected with a local church, but this is no longer the case for many people.  And yet, at important times in the journey of life, it feels right to connect with the church to celebrate and honour those transitions.  If you are interested in contacting Church of the Ascension for such a time, please do not hesitate.


Baptism is offered in the Anglican Church for people at any age.  When infants or small children receive baptism, their parents or caregivers are the one's who make the promises on their behalf.  Those promises include cultivating a spiritual life that allows one to know God and God's love, learning how to live one's life in the Spirit of Christ which is love, and always confronting and resisting the darkness in this world.

Baptism is our expression of our commitment to God in the midst of community and throughout our lives.

If you are interested in Baptism please call the church and ask to speak with our priest, The Reverend Ruthanne Ward.  She'll offer you more information and answer any questions you might have.


Weddings happen in increasingly diverse ways.  Yet many people still want to have their marriage blessed in the gathering of a community.  Church of the Ascension is a great location for a wedding of 100 or fewer guests.  We even have a hall and kitchen for a small reception if that is desired.  Or perhaps you'd like a priest to preside at your wedding in a different location.

If you are interested in getting married with an Anglican priest presiding, please contact us for more information.  There are charges for the use of the church (and hall) that differ for regular parishioners and those visiting our church for the event only.  We do require couples to be involved in some sort of marriage preparation, whether that is through the church or another organization approved by the priest.  It is necessary to have at least 60 days notice prior to a wedding being conducted.  If there are extrodinary circumstances that require a wedding in fewer than 60 days, special permission can be requested.


When a loved one dies, we are often left wondering how to honour their life and mark their passing.  Funerals have changed in recent decades, yet many people still want to have prayers said, remembrances shared and a blessing.  This might happen in the church itself, at a funeral home or even in another space, like a home.  If you are wondering about having a funeral led by our priest, please contact us and The Reverend Ruthanne Ward would be pleased to let you know what we have to offer and help you decide if that would be the path you'd like to take.

There is a fee for those who are not regular parishioners of the church.  For those with fewer resources, the fee can be negotiated or waived.

Please be in touch 

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