Liturgy is an old word that generally means "form of worship".  It is the outline or structure of how the church worship's God.  In the Anglican church, liturgy has many ancient elements, but always with new and fresh patterns being used and adapted.

Generally we meet on Sunday mornings for formal worship.  Many people are involved in making this happen - not just the priest!  Following is a list of some of those many ministries that unfold.  If you are interested in being involved with one of them, please contact the church.


Servers assist the priest at the front.  Primarily they help set the communion table for the eucharist, but often do a variety of other things that need doing.  They help offer the consecrated wine during communion, receiving the weekly offering, and make sure things are generally in order at the front of the church.  The priest depends on her servers!


These folks also do a variety of things.  First and foremost they greet people as they come to church.  They make sure people have a bulletin that outlines the service for that day.  They answer questions people might have.  They take up the collection and then help people come forward for communion.  They are also essential to the smooth flow of our services.

Intercessors and Readers

These jobs are primarily done by people from the congregation, often refered to as "lay people". 

Each week we pray for the world around us, for the church around the world, our own community and for people who have requested our prayers.  The intercessor is responsible for getting the prayers ready - whether finding a resource or writing them - and then for leading the whole church in the Prayers of the People.

Readers read aloud the various scripture passages that are appointed for each Sunday from the Revised Common Lectionary.  God's word to us is an essential part of our faith journey.

Chancel Guild

This is a group of faithful people, both men and women, who make sure all the behind the scenes work is done for each Sunday service.  They "get ready" what is needed for communion each week, they change the various dressings on the altar and lecturn when the seasons of the church change and generally make sure everything is in order at the front of the church.  Special high holidays are a particularly busy time - like Easter and Christmas.  Their dedication to each task, even the mundane ones, enhances the worship of the whole congregation.

 Flowers for the Altar

1. If you would like to have flowers placed at the altar on a particular Sunday please add your name to the schedule posted on the Sacristy door. 

2. Call a florist of your choosing and order the flowers.

3. Send your details to Jan Thompson (905-985-3826 or 

4. You may submit your receipt if you would like a tax receipt.  If a receipt is requested, the flowers must be left at the church. 

5. If you'd like a notice in the bulletin (perhaps acknowledging what the flowers represent, in memoriam or in celebration) please contact the church office the week your flowers will be arriving by Wednesday at noon.