Children are always welcome at Ascension. 

At every service there is a space for younger children to find activities and toys to keep them busy.  We also have a space inside our hall, just by the sanctuary, for children and their care-givers to go when they need a bit more space.  We encourage families to be a part of our worship service, allowing the children in our midst to learn the ways and patterns of our worship.  

Coming Soon! 

We are excited about starting a Family Service when Covid restrictions allow us to do so.  This will be held on Sunday afternoon and involve activities and a light dinner.  This service is open to anyone, but is a place where families with children can relax, not worry about being quiet, find a little something for everyone and not have to worry about Sunday dinner.  If this is something that interests you, please let our priest, Ruthanne, know and she'll put you on the email list for this service.