What is it like to visit Ascension?

We are an inclusive, welcoming and down to earth community. At least, we try to be! You are welcome to come as you are. There is nothing special you need to wear or do or say. You are welcome just to sit in the church and take it all in if you want to. Let the greeters know you are visiting and we can help answer any questions.

During the Covid-19 pandemic....things to note...

We are still under some restrictions.  If you'd like to attend a service in person, we are limited to about 30 people per Sunday.  Please pre-register by Clicking Here and Following the Prompts

When you do attend in person, please note that we ask you to wear a mask throughout the serivce and to remain safely distanced from others.

You can also join us virtually on Sunday mornings at 10 am on our YouTube Channel or later in the week.

Lastest Sunday Service

Can I visit if I am from a different church?

You are most welcome to visit and please let us know what church you are visiting from. We are called to be the body of Christ, regardless of our denominations and practices.

What if I've never been to church?

It can be a daunting experience going to church for the first time. Any new experience is like that. And we understand. You don't have to participate in the service if that doesn't feel right to you. However, you are more than welcome to participate and follow along. We usually point out where we are in the service. You receive a pamphlet or bulletin when you arrive and that lets you know what we are doing and when.

Most of the folks sitting around you are pretty friendly - so don't feel embarrassed to ask them questions. Or speak to one of the sidespeople - the people that greeted you when you arrived.

What do children do during the service? 

Children are welcome at our church.

Though we currently do not have a regular Sunday School, our hope, once pandemic restrictions lighten and more vaccines are readily available for children, is to provide a family service on Sunday afternoons.  Information will be available regarding this service in early spring 2022 (hopefully!!).

If you are attending our morning service, you are still welcome to bring your children.  You may want to bring snacks and activities for them to use during the less engaging parts of the service.

Receiving Communion

When it comes time to receive communion, you are welcome to come to the front when instructed to do so (follow the people sitting around you) and to stand in front of the priest offering the bread. For the bread we offer regular whole wheat bread or gluten free wafers. If you need the latter, just let the person offering you bread know as they come to you. We are not currently receiving the wine out of the common cup due to Covid restrictions.  

You are also welcome to come forward, not to receive communion, but to receive a blessing if you prefer. Stand and place your hands across your chest. This lets the priest know you want a blessing and one will be said for you.


(This practice will resume some time in 2022)

Once a month we have, as part of our Communion Service, a time of Anointing and Prayer. This is an optional practice, and those who wish to receive it go to a designated space in the church following communion.

The bible instructs us that if anyone in the community is unwell in any way, we should come together and pray for them. We do this by having licensed lay anointers anoint a person's head with holy oil, making the sign of the cross on their forehead. Then a brief prayer is spoken, as you hold in your mind your particular need, for yourself or on behalf of someone else.

This is simply part of a larger process of prayer and spiritual disciplines as we seek healing and wholeness in the various parts of our lives. If you'd like to know more about Lay Anointers and their ministry in the Anglican Diocese of Toronto please visit our website here:



We are small, historical church - built in the days when most folks would either walk or come by horse and buggy! We do not have a parking lot. However, there is lots of parking on the side streets around the church and if the weather isn't too bad, it is a pleasant area to walk in. We endeavour to keep our walkways clear and easily accessible. 


Our church sanctuary and hall are fully accessible.  We also have an accessible washroom available on the same level.  If you require accessible parking for when you visit, please call the church ahead of time and we'll save a space in front of the church on the street for you.

Connecting with the Church

If you have any questions when you are visiting with us, don't feel uncomfortable asking one of the greeters, or even a person in the pew next to you. If they don't know, they can likely help you find someone who does.

You are also welcome to phone the church or e-mail us with any questions at all. All questions are welcome - no matter how simple, silly or strange they may seem to you.

Call us at: 905-985-7278
E-mail us at: office@ascensionportperry.com
Or even better, visit us: Contact our priest and arrange a visit.