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Each service (Sunday at 10 am and Wednesday at 10 am) allows us about 25 people in the church, safely distanced.  We are registering 22 people for each service - to guarentee you a seat and allow a couple of extras for anyone who might drop by.

The idea is to seat people either alone or in pairs (for those from the same family group).  We do have a couple of spaces for larger family groups.  We will do our best to accomodate everyone, but please know that you may not be seated where you expect to be seated.  Our top priority is everybody's health and safety.

When arriving for church, please come early so we can seat people appropriately.  The doors will be open 1/2 hour prior to the service.  The service will start at 10 am.

We encourage you to book your seat the week prior to the service, and not before.  It will take us a few weeks to know how to best accomodate everyone and best advise you.  Please be paitent!

Especially this first week as we work out the kinks - and learn how to use all this technology!

Please follow this link to register and be sure to register how many of you will be sitting together.


Click Here to Register


if you have any difficulty registering, please either ...

email: - and let us know who you want registered (we will do so on your behalf)


call: 905-985-7276 ext. 22 and leave a message for Ruthanne to register you.