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We are currently updating our parish contact list.  You will find in your file folder (in the church Narthex) a sheet that invites you to check that we have current contact information for you, and if not, for you to update.

We are also asking for your permission to make your contact information available to others in the parish, if you wish.

Currently privacy laws prevent us from sharing your email or phone number with other members of the congregation.  Sometimes another parishioner wants to be in touch with you to tell you about something that is happening, or to ask for your help.   For those who give us permission to share their information, that information will only be available to other parishioners, not to anyone beyond the parish.  And only on a need to know basis.

You can also send confirmation of permission to do this via email (along with all your updated contact information).  Simply address this to and put in the Subject Header: Contact Information.

If you have any questions about this, please speak to our Incumbent, Ruthanne or to one of the wardens.