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Dear People of Ascension,


As many of you know I (along with my two daughters) contracted Covid-19 in early March when we travelled to Cuba.  We did not have any complications that necessitated a trip to the hospital.  For that we were very grateful.


Over the past couple of months I’ve pressed ahead with work and life as I would normally, despite feeling more fatigued than normal.  The past three weeks that “pressing ahead” has  caught up with me.  I have, along with feeling much more tired than usual, struggled with other symptoms that have made every day life just a little more difficult.  Having consulted with my family doctor, I understand that this is very normal after Covid-19.


The advice I’ve been given is to honour what my body tells me is my limit.  This means not working at full capacity for the time being.


I am so grateful for a spectacular team of leaders that I work with.  For The Rev. Phil Gearing, our curate, who has looked after so much recently, especially for our Sunday services.   And for our wardens, who have navigated the necessary and important communication around the proposal for chairs in the sanctuary.


I have let the Bishop know about this.  Since I will be taking holidays as of July 13th, and with The Rev. Phil looking after the day to day needs of the church, I believe I will have lots of time to rest and recuperate this summer.  Thank you for your care and your prayers for me and my family during this time.


With gratitude,


The Rev. Canon Ruthanne Ward