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On Tuesday January 29th, the women of Ascension gathered for a lunch and conversation.  The question, "What are we leaving our grandchildren?" in relation to environmental issues was discussed.  It was a lively conversation!

Of the 14 women gathered, we counted over 50 grandchildren and greatgrandchildren between us.  It was agreed that not only do we need to do our part in treating the living earth with care and consideration, but we also need be examples of people who are committed to doing so.  Along with how to be "green" at home, we discussed ways we can up our environmental commitment in the church kitchen as well.  

Stay tuned for notices, suggestions, sermon topics and just a general train of thought going through all of our ministry here at Ascension, as we strive to increase our love and care for creation.


No, it isn't what you do before going for a bike ride.  All this requires is a bit of forethought on our part.  Before you buy something consider some of the following:

Do I really need this item?  Paper napkins, for example.  Why not buy cloth and wash them.

Am I buying something that will be thrown away, and is there an alternative item that will either last longer or is recyclable?  It might be more expensive, but saving the world is worth it.

Is there a different way of buying this item?  For example, rather than buying your raw meat packed in cellophane and Styrofoam, ask the butcher to put something from the counter into paper that can be composted.