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There is a lot that goes on at the church, not only on Sundays or when we have special events.  It's hard to get a proper thank you out to everyone, so please know that if you've contributed to the church in some way, great or small, you are so very much appreciated.

This week we want to say a special thank you to...

All the men that helped clean up and clear out the furnace room on Tuesday.  We now have a new furnace installed, just in time for the chilly weather.  And a lovely cleaned out room to store more junk in (just kidding)!

To everyone who has been busy helping set up for the annual Bazaar on Saturday - and for everyone who will be busy on Saturday as well.  It is a monumental effort (so if you sleep in on Sunday you will be forgiven).  Remember, though, it is also a wonderful opportunity for us to share our warm and friendly community with the broader community - to give them a taste of God's love and some great homemade gifts!