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Thank you to everyone who came out on Saturday night to have a bit of fun, sing a few songs and generally make a ruckus and a good bit of money to support the refugees arriving soon.

The whole night could not have happened without a lot of volunteer energy and time.  

A big thank you to ...

The Outreach Team: Susan Van Tijn, Anne Lane, Anne Paré, Lorraine Ormesher and Susan Gower. 

To Maggie Reddin who made the Jig's Soup.

To Glynnice Avery who made the ribbons for the Ugly Stick Competition.

To Angela Wakeford who found and organized the group of four (excellent) musicians and Anne Lane & her friend Doug.

For all those who provided such good food: Sue Parkin, Angela Wakeford, Susan Van Tijn, Lorraine Oremesher, Susan Gower. 

For the funny stories and jokes shared by Seán Madsen.

For the attentive bartending by Jeff Brown and Aeneas Lane.

And of course, the best thing was we basically oversold and had a rollicking good time.  We raised over $1500 to help the refugee family. Thank you to everyone for your generosity!