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Hello my friends,

The walk continues. I will say it has begun to slow down a little as I am allowing myself more frequent “no walk” times. I remain well ahead of my forecast schedule and it will take a lot more than creeping fatigue to keep me from finishing. Which leads me to today’s very pleasant observation.

Even though I am a bit of a “slave to routine” there are variables in my walk. I may start a few minutes earlier or later. The other thing that is changing is when the sun rises and sets each day . I say this because I had a neat experience this morning. In one section of my usual morning route I walk straight west on one street for about 800 meters then turn right for about 200 meters before turning back due east. As it happened this morning I made the westward walk before the sun crested the horizon. The short north street is heavily treed and today had the effect of darkening the morning. As I turned from the shade to face east the sun crested the horizon in the most spectacular fashion! Immediately as I turned I was washed in light and warmth! In a splendid metaphor my morning went from cool, dark and routine to WOW!

Enjoy the thought and wait for your WOW!