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In May, when planning this walk, I was going to use numbers to make the venture look impressive and then hit you all up for donations to Faithworks.  

Accordingly, today I would remind you that Toronto to New York City is 757 kms and I have now walked 761 kms. At this point I would say something cute like “Hello from the Big Apple.” Then I would ask you to make a donation to Faithworks.

Instead let me tell you why to donate to Faithworks

There are 72 million refugees, some of them are going to ask AURA, a Faithworks partnered ministry, to help them settle into Canada. These people are scared and desperate and looking for a little hope.

There are people, often young, being released from prison into a city where no one cares that they even exist except the people The Bridge Prison Ministry.Another ministry that offers real help and a ray of hope.

An addict and sex trade worker having a safe, warm, hassle-free coffee at All Saints Church.

A terminally ill kid being loved by the people at The Philip Aziz Center.

These are the real reasons why you should cut a check to Faithworks and not because a healthy, privileged, middle-aged priest is well enough to walk a long way.  

Thanks...From the Big Apple!