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This little project has been a great teacher. Having committed to walk for an hour every morning and another every evening means that in time I walk through every variable. Weather is an easy example; I have walked in the snow (May 11th), been soaked to the skin and walked through some ridiculously hot days recently.

I have also walked in every state of being.  I’ve noticed that my mood “tell” is how I hold my head. When I am in what I call a quiet mood (this is a catchall term which includes hungry, tired, frustrated or down) then I walk with my head slightly lowered. When I am in a pleasant mood my head is level and I look around at the world. I don’t think my stride, my gait or my speed are subject to change, the main difference is whether I am looking at and taking in the world around me. What this observation tells me is that self-care is really important.

It seems to me that we all need to be at a certain level of wellness to engage the world, to actually walk around with our eyes up and open. And the only way I can meet my siblings’ needs is if I can see them and I can't see them if I go through my travels with my head down. Surely I must value my wellbeing so I can value yours. Just a thought.