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Not bragging here but I am a patient man, I really am, provided I get what I want when I want it!

And yet patience joins humility as the lessons the good Lord seems especially intent on teaching me. By the way, neither course is fun.

This week, as I journal my Faithworks walk-a-thon, I can tell you that I am learning patience…again.

It takes me ten minutes to walk a kilometre and just under an hour to walk my 5.5k loop. It’s amazing, I can commit to walking briskly or I can indulge in what feels like a leisurely pace and it always takes about an hour! There really is no point in my trying to hurry as it never makes a measurable difference.

Each walk gets completed by walking.

I cannot take two strides at once. Undoubtedly this would be obvious to a smarter person! I believe, six weeks and 500 kilometres in, I am seeing just now seeing this. I can do no more than take the next step. That’s it. I have a plan and a schedule (more fool I) but all I can really do is make the next stride. Even its success is a matter of providence.

My opening sentence is untrue, I am as yet, not a patient man…