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Hello my friends. On Monday of this week I officially passed the half-way point in my journey! I began on May 10th so I am about six weeks in and can forecast completeion sometime in mid-August. Thanks for staying with me, your comments of support mean more and more as I plod along.

So let me tell you about this red winged black bird I encounter twice a day. Beginning about ten days ago this bird dive bombs me every time I walk past a specific place on my regular route. I have no doubt that this bird has a nesting mate nearby. This avian arrow takes his domestic protection responsibilities very seriously. I respect this but he seems to have a particular distrust of yours truly!

Every time I pass by, morning and evening he flies straight at my head! Not just once but usually three times before he figures his mate is out of harms way. For my part I half wave and half run and generally look foolish. Naturally as a big, strong and brave man I don't scream like a school girl... I hope. I understand that this fellow is doing his job but I notice he simple screeches as other passersby. I, alone get the full attack. I have tried staring at him, talking gently to him (also a little foolish) even crossing the street still I get buzzed by said blackbird.

As this has been happening for several days I asked myself what was unique about me. The answer was by black hat. I always wear the same black baseball hat. First time I removed the hat the bird screeched at me but no dive bombing.

I invite you to write your own sermon here. For my part, what I percieved to be agression was actually defensive behaviour. As for the red winged ranger, he mistook my hat for a threat that didn't exist. Just ramblings...