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Welcome again to my weekly walk-a-thon journal. I am so pleased to have so many of you keeping an eye on my progress. While I have no real way of knowing how many people are checking in on this walk I do know that some of you are parishioners at Church of the Ascension in Port Perry, some of you are Facebook friends and some are family. I also know that it is each of you that keeps me carrying on as the weeks go by. Especially lately!

I don't know if its knowing that I am approaching the halfway point or what it is but lately I am finding my twice a day walks are more a matter of discipline than desire. As was bound to happen my 1000 km walk has become, increasingly, a chore. I have no trouble getting inspired though, I simply remind myself of my commitment and of each of you and the wonderful support and encouragement you offer.

Please remember that this is a fundraisers for some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Faithworks is all about the gospel in action; real help for real people that require a hand. If you are one of the many that have made a contribution to Faithworks (either at Church of the Ascension or your own parish) Thank You! If you have not done so I encourage you to do so at your convenience. 

I am not walking 1000 KM for the accolades I receieve (but I apreciate them) I am walking for the homeless, and the abused women and for everyone else to whom Faithworks reaches out. This is Jesus work so join me!