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Thank you again for reading my weekly Faithworks walk-a-thon journal. All is going well and I continue to enjoy my walks.

I must confess that I skipped one walk this week. It was Monday evening after a long day of gardening. Thankfully I am well ahead of my walking schedule and I have built in allowance for just such occassions.

Let me tell you about my quest to count my steps.

For a while now I have wanted to leave my pre-measured walking routes and get out on some local trails. In order to do this I wanted to be able to know how many of my natural strides I take to cover 5 kms. So I went out and bought a simple, mid-level pedometer. The problem is the one I bought did too many things including calculate calories burned and heart rate. As a step counter it was unreliable so I returned it. After a little research I found another one which also promised to do everything but your taxes. It also would not properly count my steps!

This is when my mother told me that she had a pedometer. After the disbelief and shock wore off I asked her to dig it out. What she produced from the recesses of her cupboard was a freebie that Kellog's put in cereal boxes in the early 2000's. It was a simple clip-on piece of plastic about 1 inch by 1 inch. I replaced it's long dead battery and this thing works beautifully. Its total margin of error is less than 30 steps on 5 kms!

This is positively biblical! The fancy, modern contraptions let me down and the simple, old model has performed admirably. You gotta love it!