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Thank you for reading this my second walk-a-thon journal entry. Last week I focused on answering questions so this week I “ramble on” a little about how the project is going.

The best place to start is to say “So far so good”!  

I am five weeks in and about one third of my goal has been reached.

For me the walking itself continues to be a great blessing.  As I write this I have gone out walking 57 times and I have only greeted one of those walks grudgingly. Honestly, 56 times I have greeted my one hour walk eagerly. I’m a bit like every dog I have ever had; walking time gets me happy!

The question begs, “What about the one time?” Well, I recently spent a long day helping someone put a fresh coat of paint in their living room and I was very tired. When time came for my evening walk I simply did not want to get up and out. Once I got my rhythm going I settled into a lovely walk.

I have begun to get to know some of the people on my usual walking routes. I have learned some names and they know about my project. As a matter of habit I smile, nod and try to say “Hi” to everyone I pass but it is especially nice to call people by their names.

As I continue to merrily plod along through the summer I am still frequently asked how people can make a donation or offer a sponsorship. The answer is simple.

You are free to make a donation in any way you normally would to the church as long as you mark it “Faithworks”. You can donate by check payable to the church or cash in an envelope as long as they say Faithworks.

Remember funds we raise will be matched dollar for dollar by a benefactor at the diocesan level. This means that whatever we raise will be doubled!

Thanks for following and I’ll post again next week.