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It has been exciting few months at Church of the Ascension despite COVID restrictions and Lockdown.  We have been busy preparing for the upcoming changes in the sanctuary including removal of pews and placing of chairs.  Dan and I, with the assistance of our daughter Chelsea, volunteered to rehome the pews. (Perhaps I should clarify…I volunteered Dan and Chelsea to help me!)

There was immediate interest as soon as the pews were posted.  I enjoyed hearing the enthusiasm and excitement as to how and where the pews would be repurposed.  One gentleman purchased a pew as a birthday gift to his wife. He planned to set it on their veranda with balloons to surprise her!  Another pew was heading to Fenelon Falls and used for seating at their harvest table.  And some  are going to be treated and placed around gardens.  Seven pews will be used at a Wellness/Healing Centre near Bala, ON. One of the pews will remain and be placed in St. John’s Blackstock Hall.

We will be donating $2000 from this sale to the CT Scan Fundraiser at Port Perry Hospital on behalf of the church.

The sense of community continues and I believe that a piece of Church of the Ascension has been shared and spread in many directions.

- Glynnice Avery

A big thank you to Glynnice, Dan and Chelsea for all their hard work and time spent ensuring the sale and removal of pews.  We are so grateful!!  - on behalf of The People of Ascension, Ruthanne