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We Have a new Mail Slot

We are excited to announce that this week Dan Cappellani (undoubtedly with the able assistance of Glynnice Avery) installed a new mail slot in the office door at the rear of the church. 

You might think a mail slot is an odd thing to get excited about but you'd be wrong.

It turns out that properly installing a safe and secure mail slot in a steel door is a big project. Dan took on this project from planning to installation and we share with him our sincere gratitude.

The new mail slot opens up a new and important communication option for all of our parishioners. Even in a high tech world you often cannot replace simple, effective and traditional solutions.

You are now invited to drop off your offerings at the church at your convenience. As we ramp up activity in preparation for our re-opening there will be people in the church more often and any mail put through the mail slot will be processed quickly.

The mail slot is there for everyone's convenience. If you have a note or card that you would like to be given to Ruthanne, Phil, one of our wardens or a member of staff please feel free to use the mail slot.

Once again, a big thank you to Dan Cappellani !