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The end of December I received this email from our area Bishop.  Please read and consider this invitation.  We, the wardens and I, invite you to send us your ideas which we will consider and decide upon.  Please forward any and all ideas to [email protected] or [email protected]

With gratitude, Ruthanne

Dear Friends in Christ – grace to you and peace this day.

In consultation with our Area Council, Regional Deans and Commissary, we are pleased to share $300 from our Area Council funds with each active congregation, encouraging you to use these monies to "love your neighbourhood" on behalf of the wider church.

This money is intended to spark an outflow of generosity – it might be the beginning of a larger amount shared, depending on the project. For example, churches could....

- order pizza or send in Tim's coffee and donuts to local nursing home staff to encourage them

- ask local nursing homes what they need that they can't afford

- put together little gift packages for most isolated seniors for Christmas/Epiphany

- provide local foodbank with items of which they are most in need

- pay the rent/a bill for a month for someone who is on the verge of homelessness

Or any other way you feel called to love their neighbours ... Please send me a quick email  when you have decided /spent the money, so we can report back to Area Council with good news!

Bishop Riscylla

The Right Reverend Riscylla Shaw

Area Bishop of Trent-Durham Bishop Suffragan of Toronto