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If you are reading this newsletter item it is because you use the internet & email (I know, I'm stating the obvious!).  There are, however, people in our parish who do not use the internet and do not receive these weekly newsletter updates.  Thankfully we have people who have buddied with them to make sure they are kept in the loop.

If you know of someone who isn't receiving newsletter updates via email and would benefit from a phone call regarding events that are happening or important information about the church, we would ask that you personally reach out to them to let them know.  And if you aren't able to do that, to let Ruthanne know so she can find them a buddy!

We are also going to experiment with publishing a small newsletter - The Ascension Herald - with a few print copies available, from time to time.  Along with announcements you see in our weekly newsletter, this will include more in depth items about ministry happening in and around the church, and a note from Ruthanne. 

You will be able to download this via this newsletter, and copies will be available at the church.  Again - if you know of someone who doesn't use email, please print a copy and deliver it to them for their reading pleasure.  Stay tuned for the first edition of The Ascension Herald in June!

Let's make sure everyone feels included and connected!