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On Monday November 1st, about 10 or so of us joined, via Zoom, Anne Woolger, founding director of Matthew House.  Anne took us through some of the history of Matthew House and shared with us many stories of hope, perseverance and compassion.  

As the need for refugee resettlement and advocacy on behalf of asylum seekers only increases, Matthew House continues to work hard and passionately, following the imperative of Matthew 25 - that when we care for the least among us, we care for Jesus himself.

Anne told us the story of two Eritrean teen girls, both 16 when they were literally dropped off on the streets of Toronto after arriving in Canada.  They made their way to an Ethiopian restaurant and asked for help.  From there they made their way to a youth shelter, where no one spoke their language and the savvy and tough kids living on the streets of Toronto frightened them.  

A worker from the shelter happened to call Matthew House and someone working that day happened to speak Eritrean.  The girls were given shelter, support and care.  Today, one is graduating from nursing at Ryerson and the other continues her university studies.

The movement and need of refugees in our world is only increasing.  Climate change, economics, and politics are all intertwined to make some parts of our world very dangerous and difficult for people to live.

Ascension has a long history of supporting Matthew House and we are grateful that we can continue that support.

How You Can Help Now...

The following NEW bedding items are needed, TWIN SIZE only.

*sheets and pillowcases
*duvets and duvet covers

Since duvets are more expensive, consider going together with a few friends, or if shopping is difficult, you may make a  cash donation and we will do the shopping for you.

Your gifts may be left at the church on Sunday morning's in the church hall, during Choir Practice on Saturday morning (10:30 - 11:30).

The collection will end on Sunday, November 21st.

Matthew House relies entirely on donations to run.  They are not subsidized by the government.  If you would like to contribute a monetary gift towards this important work, you can do so by Clicking Here.

For more information about our involvement, reach out to Angela Wakeford. ( OR 905-985-2030)