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Fr. Phil Flatfoots for FaithWorks

Cue the Fanfare we’re kicking off a fabulous fundraiser for Faithworks. (Honestly how much alliteration can I possible jam into this thing?)

FaithWortks is an annual appeal by the Diocese Toronto. This is a great program; it is about providing real help to the genuinely needy. I have provided more detailed info later in this letter.

We have been asked to do a virtual fundraiser. So here’s my big idea; a Walk-a-thon. But not just any walk-a-thon but a Great, Big, Huge, Epic walk-a-thon!

Over the course of this summer I am committing to walking 1000 kms!

Our appeal to you is that as you are able you sponsor my walk and all moneys raised will go toward our parish response to the FaithWorks appeal.

Keeping This Fun

I want to make this project as interesting and engaging as possible so I will maintain a “Follow Fr. Phil” blog throughout the summer. I will keep an ongoing kilometer count and a small journal with anecdotes and observations.

I will schedules some walks from the church or local parks and invite any or all of you to join me. These will be at a leisurely pace and manageable distances. As people are interested we could hit local trails or take on longer hikes.

I also love the idea of each of you joining in remotely. As you, your family, kids, grandkids and dog walk this summer send me your kilometers walked and we’ll add them into a parish total. Imagine how big our number can get!

Send me any suggestions you have that might make this project more fun, engaging or profitable. We can modify and grow as we go.

Some comparable distances (these are cool!) Toronto to; New York City 790 km, Quebec City 797 km, Boston 885 km ,Montreal and back 1082 km, (Galilee to Jerusalem 126 km)

How to sponsor

To keep this simple I would invite you to make a one-time, flat donation. Donate to the church in the manner you normally would but indicate that a specific donation is for FaithWorks. Ask if you have any questions.

This year there is a generous donor that will match funds we raise $1 for $1. Whatever we raise will be doubled!


·       FaithWorks is the annual appeal of the Diocese of Toronto. It is our annual shared mission to feed, shelter, nurture and befriend people in need

·       FithWorks helps over 20,000 people every year

·       FaithWorks focuses its support in these four areas:

·       Caring for the homeless and ex-prisoners

·       Caring for newcomers and refugees

·       Caring for at-risk women, children and youth

·       Caring for indigenous people and those affected by HIV/AIDS

·       Local Partners include:

·       North House, Anglican United Refugee Alliance, One City Peterborough

·       15% of funds stay in the parish

·       92% of money raised goes directly to the receiving partners


Broadly speaking I will walk 10 kms a day for the 100 days of summer in order to get to 1000 kms. I walk pre-measured circuits of a little over 5+ kms twice a day; morning and evening. I have already officially begun and hope to finish by Labour Day (120 days). If circumstances don’t permit me to maintain my pace I will simply walk into September or October until I meet my goal.