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April 22nd is officially Earth Day.  We celebrate Earth Sunday this coming Sunday, April 18th.  Our music and prayers will echo the themes of gratitude for creation, our repentance for the ways we have failed to love our planet, and the challenge and hope that we can always do better.

Much of the discussion around Climate Change has been overshadowed this past year by the pandemic.  At the same time, the pause in "life as usual" has shown us that there are steps we can take to mitigate the impact of our selfish and poor choices of the past.

The gospel is good news - for all of creation.

Take some time this Earth Week to ponder your own involvement in being called to healthy and loving stewardship of the earth.


Resources to Stir Up your Thinking and Action


Click Here for Earth Week Resources through Kiaros


E   ENERGY CONSERVATION.....hydro, water, natural gas.... 

A  AWARENESS.....what can I do?

R   RECYCLING... good but better to Reduce 

T   THINK...before we buy.  Is it needed, is it sustainable?

H   HABITS... developing new and eco responsible ones

  DISPOSABLES...can we support local takeout without?

  ACTION....become informed and mindful.  Think green.

  YES!  Together we can make a difference.  Let's do it!!


Programming to watch:

Netflix:  Cowspiracy, Chasing Coral,  The Game Changers, Our Planet, A Plastic Ocean

Disney Plus - Jane,  Before the Flood