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The Diocese of Toronto published our vaccine policy this past week.  All parishes are required to follow the policy without exception.  The goal of the policy is, of course, to ensure that our parishes are as safe as possible given our current situation and understanding of Covid-19.  The entire policy can be found by Clicking Here.

The policy is also found in hard copy, posted on our bulletin board, at the church.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to either a warden or our priest, Ruthanne Ward.  You can reach Ruthanne at or by leaving a message at 416-576-7480.

In brief, the policy requires:

- all clergy and employees are to be fully vaccinated

- all church volunteers, in any volunteer position, are fully vaccinated - proof of vaccination is to be shown to the wardens and will be noted in confidence

- all contractors and licensees (renters) must follow this policy as well

- exemptions are allowed for people with a valid medical exemption (and documentation), or based on protected ground in the Ontario Human Rights Code (request given in writing) - these people will need to follow the protocol of regular testing*

  • *regular testing means receiving a negative test result and providing proof no more than 48 hours before entering the church.  For those entering the church on a regular basis, this test will need to be completed every 3 days.  

Attending Worship


Proof of vaccination is NOT required for persons attending worship services or any other activity at the church in a non-volunteer capacity.  All protocols will continue to be following including wearing masks while indoors, appropriate distancing, contact tracing and cleaning.

Responding to this Policy

I have, as your priest, sat in at least three meetings where this policy has been discussed very thoroughly (via Zoom, of course).  The response has been varied.  Some feel this goes too far, others feel it does not go far enough. 

The truth is, there is no “perfectly acceptable to all people” policy for any organization.  We are still in a time of learning and adapting during this pandemic.  The human resources department at the diocese along with our Bishops and various expert consultants have worked hard on this policy.   I am, on behalf of our community, grateful for their hard work and leadership in this.

As mentioned above, please do not hesitate to reach out to the wardens or to me, Ruthanne, if you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy.