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On Sunday September 9th, under an overcast sky, over 30 people gathered at St. John's Anglican Cemetery just outside of Blackstock for the annual Decoration Day.  Along with hymns sung heartily, a solo by Dr. Ankelly Armstrong, and beautiful music played by Anne Lane, a poem was read to memorialize the history of the cemetery.  It was written by local poet, Nick Vanderzwet (pictured here with local historian Paul Arculus).



St. John’s Anglican Cemetery  


With the death of a young girl

They had to break ground

It was on that day

This Anglican cemetery was found.


A tip of the hat

A bow on the knee

Here lies the Brown’s

And several named McKee.


McLaughlin, Edgerton

Nesbit and Mahood

Routes names after Pioneers

Respectfully we should.


Holding back tears

Trying to keep composure

Among the many

Lays a Crozier.


Built in 1850

A church long gone

A ring of the bell

A tribute to St. John.


Maintenance by donations

Help cover the costs

And plots purchased by families

For the loved ones lost.


Genealogy the new study

For the many that care

Tracing lines of descent

Wondering how, why and where.


One hundred and eighty one

Years since birth

Souls meet the Father

Bodies rest in Mother Earth.