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How do you get your news?  A newspaper?  The radio?  TV? An e-mail alert? Visiting online news sources?  Word of mouth?

There are so many ways of communicating now that it isn't uncommon to miss a bit of news because it didn't come in the form we are used to.  The church has been trying to adjust so that everyone has the opportunity to know what is happening and when it is happening.

Current communication...

Currently we send out notices through our bulletin announcements (which are printed weekly); by putting up notices on our bulletin board; putting information on the website and sending out a weekly newsletter.  Sometimes you'll see things on Facebook, or in a local publication, like the Focus magazine.

This can lead to overlap and oversight.  

Making it work better...

We'd like to streamline our communications so that we are getting information out to people in a timely and effect manner.  To do this we are going to try a couple of new things.

1. A monthly bulletin with event annoucements only.  This will be available at the beginning of each month.  There will be a hard copy available for people to pick up at the church.  The events for that month will be listed, along with service details and other important information.  This will (hopefully) help save some paper and help us be more organized!

                       NOTE TO ALL GROUPS:  The office now asks you to get your bulletin announcements in to the office by the 20th of the month before.  This will enable us to get the infomration onto the website and into the bulletin to be published.

                       EVENTS THAT COME IN LATE - Will still be advertised as they can through the website and weekly bulletin.

2.  A communications committee.  Okay, committee might be an overstatement.  We would love to have at least one person or a team of two who would assist the office in keeping on top of all things to do with communications.  Do you like making posters, doing design online, learning new things, putting together the weekly newsletter?  Speak to Ruthanne to find out more!  You will only be asked to what you can and what you find enjoyable.