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Coffee Time/Team - Everything you need to know....

From many conversations in the past few weeks, well, over the past year, here is what has been determined regarding our coffee hour after church - what is needed, required and hoped for.

1. At the very minimum, people are grateful for a cup of coffee & tea.  If that is all a coffee team is able to do on a particular Sunday that is absolutely FINE!

2. If a coffee team wants to bring and put food out, that is also fine.  BUT THIS IS NOT REQUIRED NOR EXPECTED.

3.  A basket for free will donations - a loonie or twoonie - will be put out at coffee hour (when we remember!) and that donation will go towards offsetting the cost of coffee, tea and cream and for a couple of bags of cookies in the cupboard that can be put out when a team would like to do that.

4.  Some weeks a parishioner will provide food for a special occasion (see below for May 12th) and the coffee team only need to make coffee.

Getting things organized...

If you are currently on a coffee team - officially or unofficially - please let Ruthanne know who your team consists of and who is the contact person for your team.  So, when you sign up for a Sunday (and we see that on the sheet) we can let you know if there is going to be food left over from a reception, someone is bringing a cake etc. so you know what is happening.

If you would like to take on the task of being the Coffee Team Coordinator, please speak to Ruthanne, who is currently doing this herself.  

Coordinator Job would include: 1. seeing that coffee, tea and cream and now a couple of bags of cookies are in supply, and purchasing this as needed (reimbursed through the office)

2. Coffee teams know what they need to know.  Updating them from time to time on any changes to protocol etc.

3. Liaising with Shirley in the office around any necessary communication with the coffee teams - letting teams know if no one is scheduled, around food available, etc.


Sunday May 12th - Baptism

This Sunday we are welcoming Sophia Amelia Grace into the family of God.  Sophia is Lynne and Roy Skillen's great granddaughter.  They are providing a cake for coffee hour this particular Sunday so the team only needs to make coffee and tea.   If your team is available, please sign up.