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Many of you like to make a special offering to the church at Christmas time, and for that we are very grateful.  Since we are not gathering in person, you may wonder how to make that contribution.  

How to donate:

You can go to Canada Helps and donate online: Click Here for Canada Helps

You can drop off your donation at the church.  There is a mailslot on the office door off the back laneway.

You can contact us and we can arrange for someone to collect your donation from your home.  ( OR 905-985-7278)

Please also note...

  • we ask that any contributions you would like recorded for the 2021 tax year, be in to the church prior to December 31st.
  • new envelopes are in the process of being delivered.  If you haven't received yours yet, you will early in the new year.
  • for those with envelopes, please note your number - it might be different than the one you've had before.