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It is with heavy hearts that the wardens and I, Ruthanne, made the decision today to cancel in person services for now, starting with Christmas Eve.  Though the government and the diocese are still allowing people to meet in person, our decision was based on the following rational:

- our church is small and poorly ventilated

- many in our congregation and community are older and thus more vulnerable

- as a show of Christian love to our health care providers, we want to do whatever we can to slow the spread of this latest variant 

We appreciate that this will be a disappointment for some of you.

We will be offering an online service on Christmas Eve and more will be posted regarding that on Friday December 24th.  Because of the lateness in making this decision, we do not have a recorded service available for Sunday, but will provide links to other services that are available.  We are planning for a virtual service only for January 2nd as well, unless things change dramatically in the next week.

We will keep an eye on things locally and globally, and as always, respond to any restrictions imposed on us by either the government or the diocese.

Though our Christmas plans are changed, let our spirits not be so.  Rather, in the spirit of the infant Jesus, let us reach out with light and love to each other, to our neighbours, even to those who we may not be in agreement with about Covid protocols.  A phone call, an email, Christmas cookies left at a door step.   Let us find ways to give what we feel this pandemic has tried to take from us - light, love, and hope.

With peace and prayers for a blessed Christmas for all of you.  


The Reverend Canon Ruthanne Ward