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We celebrate Pentecost on June 9th and after that begins the season often referred to as Ordinary Time.  The liturgical colour during OrdinaryTime is green.  Inspired by Toronto artist, Sharon Tiessen, who did this in her own church, we are inviting our artists and art collectors to share their art during Ordinary Time (which takes us now all the way through to Advent).

Do you have a painting, photograph or print that could be hung in our sanctuary that has green as either the dominant colour or at least as one of the more prevalent colours?

It can be abstract or realistic or a combination of both.  Perhaps someone has fabric art we could hang.

The purpose is to celebrate the expression of our faith in the "ordinary".  Though a picture of a cross will enliven devotion within us, so does the picture of a green meadow.

Let Ruthanne know if you have art work that we can hang in the sanctuary during this time.   Hopefully we'll have enough pieces to change it a couple of times during this season.