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Our Annual Church Meeting of Vestry is happening on Sunday February 25th immediately following the morning service (which will be shortened).  Light snacks will be served - to help sustain you!

Let us take this opportunity to celebrate the many good things that have unfolded in our midst this past year, acknowledge the hard work and dedication of you - our parishioners and volunteers - and hold the challenges and griefs that we share in love and compassion as we look forward to this next year together.

Vestry Report

The Vestry Report will be published the week of Feburary 12th.  Hard copies of the report will be limited due to the cost of producing them.  If you need a hard copy, please let Ruthanne know ( and one will be available for you to pick up at the church.  

The digital copy of the report will be delivered to your email inbox that week.  

Financial Town Hall

As has been our practice in recent years, we are offering a chance to be in conversation about our financials, budget and hopes for the coming year PRIOR to the vestry meeting.  This will take place on:


Grab a cup of coffee and join us back in the sanctuary.

New Warden

We will be welcoming onto our team a new Deputy People's Warden.  Dan Cappellani has graciously offered to stand election for this position.  If anyone else in the parish is interested in becoming a warden, please speak to Ruthanne.