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Last week in a news post called "To The Parish" Ruthanne wrote an open letter discussing her health and her need to rest. In this open and candid letter she shared that in order to recuperate from the lingering affects of the Covid-19 virus she was looking forward to using her summer holiday time to rest and recuperate.

There are two ways we, as a parish family, can support Ruthanne this summer; we can pray for her and her daughters and we can allow her to completely disconnect.

I invite you to join me in adding Ruthanne, Rachel and Amelia to your prayer list this summer; simply remember them by name and trust that Jesus, The Great Physician, knows exactly what they need.

Additionally I am asking that until at least mid-August you make no attempt to contact Ruthanne either by phone or by email. This request is coming from me, as her curate, because I am confident a complete disconnect will best allow for deep healing.

I believe that if any of us contacted Ruthanne she would want to respond pastorally, as is her nature, so let's simply not put her in that position.

I am available to you any time of any day and invite you to reach out to me as you have need.


Cell: 705 607 4546 or email