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Hi Angela,
Thanks so much for your note and your heart of concern.  It really IS heartbreaking to see the devastation happening there, isn't it!
In short, the government of Canada is approaching the Ukrainian situation in a unique way and there will not actually be a "refugee" category at this point.  Perhaps in light of the large pre-existing Ukrainian community in Canada, they are taking a different route.  Hence no refugee receiving agencies have been put on alert to prepare to receive them since they will simply be coming on visitor visas and granted work authorization permits right away.
I have copied some info below with various links to government and Ukrainian Canadian Aid sites. 
From what I can see, I think there are a lot of "unknowns" at this point as to how it will all be handled but it seems that perhaps the initial wave of Ukranians coming will probably be those with family connections already here and the families will reach out and support them.  In terms of those without family ties, I think the Ukrainian Associations in Canada are working on that, but from an interview I heard on CBC radio the other day, I don't think they know much either!  
So, in short, I don't know,  but I do know that none are expected to be arriving at refugee agencies any time soon.  In terms of how you may wish to support them, I have copied some links below that are very legitimate and perhaps you may wish to follow up on some of them. (The links will be found as a separate item)
Finally in closing, while my heart absolutely aches for Ukraine, I do feel I need to remind people not to forget to pray for the many other protracted refugee situations in the world that are not making the headlines but where horrific atrocities are still happening as well ( eg. Ethiopia, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Congo etc.) and who are arriving here without anyone to welcome them ( except at places like Matthew House ). 
Prayers for ALL refugees everywhere are certainly appreciated.
Thanks again for caring.
Warm regards,