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I sincerely hope that this Thanksgiving weekend, and its invitation to us all to pause and be thankful, is a blessing to you.  This morning I will be preaching about being thankful as act of trust.  Believing that God is the giver of good gifts - not only when we can see them and enjoy them in comfort, but also in those more challenging times of life when it isn't as easy to notice.

Today I am grateful for rain after so many dry days.  For the kindness of strangers.  For left-overs brought home after dinner with my family.  For the beauty of fall in Ontario.

What are you thankful for today?

I am also profoundly grateful to be part of a church community that is filled with people who care deeply about our world and about each other.  So thank you - for being you, for your care and for your hope, even when it is a real challenge to hold onto that.  It matters and it makes a difference. 

May your thanksgiving, wherever it may find you, bring you gratitude that brings healing and hope - for you and for our world.

With peace & gratitude,