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It is wonderful to work in a parish where there are so many people committed to creating a thriving community - and in so many different and creative ways.  Not every one of you gets the thanks that you deserve.  Not every one of you necessarily even gets noticed for the work you do.  But you need to know that your contribution is appreciated, especially the hidden gestures.

I do want to acknowledge a few folks who have contributed recently.  To say, Thank You, on behalf of the wider parish.


The Art that Enhances our Worship

We are blessed in this parish with a whole variety of artists, some we have yet to discover!  This is to thank those who have contributed to our worship experience in the Sanctuary.  So thank you, Mike Duhamel, for the Flame banners you've designed.  Thank you Lynne McIlvride for taking us through Epiphany.  And thank you Michael Black for your pieces for Lent.

Yum...Homemade Blueberry Syrup

Thank you to Rhonda and Terry O'Grady for the fabulous pancake supper this past week.  Everything was delicious.  Not sure if everyone knew, but the blueberry syrup was homemade!  And there were gluten-free pancakes for those of us who needed them.  The O'Grady's offered the entire meal as a donation to the church.

Who knew History could be so entertaining...

Thanks to Ross Etherington and Paul Archulus for bringing to our attention the historical fact that our sanctuary was dedicated some 150 years ago.  The parish as a whole would have celebrated it's actual 150th anniversary in 2009.  Paul's presentation, this past Sunday, was fabulous, for those of us who could make it.  And he didn't even have to bar the doors to prevent us from leaving.  A thank you to his trusty time keeper too, Isobel!