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                                                          STUCK IN "C"   by Glynnice Avery

Currently, I seem to be stuck in “C” placing most of the blame on COVID19. 

Most mornings I'm awakened by the lovely chirping sounds of a variety of birds and the one I most enjoy is the cardinal—such pretty, vibrant colours and distinguished tunes.  

The warm summer temperatures allow me to enjoy my cup of coffee on the deck and continue to enjoy God's creations.  I appreciate hearing the neighbour’s rooster crow and the mooing of his cows.  Occasionally, I will enjoy the fresh scent of our cedar hedges. 

I'm convinced COVID has caused me to pay closer attention and consider how many things of which I am grateful.  COVID19 has also placed me in a cleaning mode.  I've cleaned closets, cupboards  and unpacked cardboard boxes from our 2011 move!  I'm determined to be clear of clutter.

COVID19 continues to cause our Church of the Ascension to adjust and make changes and adhere to the Diocesan protocols and new procedures in order to be ready for the September reopening.  The Corporation realizes we will need to change church service formats and become creative in making the necessary changes.   Wardens, treasurer and priest(s) continue to meet regularly to discuss the ongoing changes and make action plans.

A very recent change is a mail slot has been installed at the office door.  You now can conveniently drop off your Church offerings in the slot during our Church closure.

I have tried to stay clear of considering  the negativity of COVID19 ---chaos, confusion, confinement, craziness.  I look forward to shifting into D---driving freely, doing errands without face masks, dining indoors, enjoying a delightful evening at live theatre. Until then I'll keep chugging along and keep the creative juices flowing.


Note: Glynnice is currently serving our church as as Rector's Warden.