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Story I like stories.  In fact I view life as story. The first Muslims used to refer to Christians, respectfully, as ‘people of the book’. In many ways our book, our bible is a collection of stories; stories about what God has done and is doing and stories about people, all sorts of people doing all sorts of things. Taken together the stories of the bible point to the great, overarching saga of all things which God is writing.  Among my favourite divine titles is one that comes from the old prayer book; God “the author of life”. I like that. And, I believe that the author of life is writing the grandest of all love stories.  We all have a role in God’s great story. Each of us also has a story of our own and I find listening to people tell their story endlessly fascinating. I think this is at the heart of my affection for visiting people who have lived a long time; they have largely written their life story and are often happy to share it. Everyone’s story is important because each of us matters a great deal to God. I believe that God is at work (and play) in our stories. During some chapters it’s difficult to see Him and at other times He is front and center. I am convinced that the Holy Spirit is a character in every life’s drama. I think an important way to praise God is to look for his presence in our life stories. We should tell our stories and listen to each others’ stories. When we do, not only do we get to know each other better, but we will see God’s presence in the narratives. My first goal as the new curate here at Church of the Ascension is to visit with each of you (or as many as will indulge me). As I see it a visit is just a chance to swap stories. Tell me about your dog, or how you met your partner or why you love your cottage. If it’s part of your story it matters. We can meet here at the church or at your place, as families, couples, groups or individually. I’m fond of the “walk and talk” visit especially at this time of year! I will reach out to you but would love it if you approached me with a time that works for you. Stories are life; let’s share a few minutes of life together. Blessings,


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