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What Canadian doesn't love summer?!

I am writing this on my first day back after a few weeks of holidays.  I have to say, the weather was particularly spectacular this year.  Even those very hot days when it was tempting to complain.

As much as I enjoy my holidays - and to be honest, deeply value them - I am usually happy to be back at work and this year is no different.  To see people I have missed and to get the creative juices flowing in my my brain.

Thank God for seasons.  Whether they be the real seasons of summer and fall, or the metaphorical seasons like raising children, retirement, dealing with a chronic condition, or taking a sabbatical from work.  Seasons refresh our perspective.  We rest in some ways, and work harder in others.  We make different choices and encounter aspects of life that we have no choice around.  We often feel renewed after a season, whether or not we feel rested.

I hope this literal season of summer has been a time for you of restoration.  I hope you've been able to celebrate what summer brings to Canada (who cannot sing after eating a lovely locally ripened peach!?).  And I hope that whatever new perspectives you've aquired of late will bless you with growing wisdom for the new seasons that will be upon us - literally and metaphorically - in the next weeks and months.

Share the story of your latest season with a friend.  Tell them what you have learned.  Tell them about the blessings and the challenges.  Tell them how God is leading you and loving you through it all.