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Dear People of Ascension,                                                                              June 2019  

On Sunday June 9th, during our Financial Town Hall, it was announced that our priest, The Reverend Ruthanne Ward, will be going down to 80% time as of August 1st.  This is happening for a few reasons and we feel it is important for the parish to understand each of these reasons and join with us as we navigate the direction God is calling us with the resources that we have.  We invite you to read this letter carefully so as to understand why we are taking this action.  

Ruthanne has often brought to the wardens the challenge that we are called to live within our means.  Throughout the past year and a bit we have tried a variety of ways to both increase our income and reduce our spending.  The good news is that we are moving towards financial stability and health.  The more challenging news is that this is happening very slowly.  Ruthanne’s reduced salary will help us tackle our deficit this coming year.  

Moving forward, our hopes for the parish include…     

  •  moving from being dependent on fundraising events to cover our operating costs monthly. 
  •  our monthly costs which include salaries, office administration, building expenses, insurance and such, being covered by offerings and rental income.   
  • continuing to do our best to educate the parish regarding our financial needs, challenges and accomplishments through regular communication - Financial Town Halls, financial statements disseminated through Advisory Board and Vestry meetings, Stewardship initiatives.  

It is important for you to know that this is coming at the request of Ruthanne.  We are not imposing this on her.  Moving to 80% time for a specific period of time will allow Ruthanne time for other commitments.  She is able to afford this, for a period of time and we are grateful for her willingness to offer this to us.  We also feel this is a good season to do this as we now have the added benefit of a Curate working in our community. 

Let us all continue in prayer and conversation as we together manage the resources God has given us to steward.  

In Christ,  

The Wardens

Glynnice Avery, Anne Pare, Gillian Daly, John Moon