As mentioned yesterday during announcement by Susan Van Tijn, we are providing you with a letter of protest that voices our many concerns with Bill 23.  Though the Bill has been passed, there are elements of it still under debate.  Also, the many protests this past weekend, and the many people in Ontario currently writing their MPPs is showing the government that there is tremendous lack of support for this bill.

If you live outside of Durham and have a different MPP, you can find your MPP and their information here: Click Here for Current Members of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Please click on the download below.

You then have a couple of ways of getting it to our MPP for Durham:

1. Send it as an email, and feel free to edit to personalize the message. (All you have to do is copy the document and paste it directly into your email). Make sure you include your name and address with postal code, so that it is clear you are a consituent.

          Email address for Todd J. McCarthy, MPP Durham -

2. Print it out, sign it, and mail it ASAP to:

           Todd J McCarthy,  23 King St. W, Bowmanville, ON L1C 1R2

Some of you have already sent your concerns to local MPPs - thank you.  This is an important way in which we live out the heart of Christ in our world.