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The Church of Ascension has been invited to join Victory Church and Hope Church in Port Perry with their soup program for the community.  It is being run from October to April on a Wednesday so that it ties in with the Food Bank opening and it is being held at Victory Church. 


Our involvement will be the second Wednesday of each month.  We would make up the soup on the Tuesday and deliver it on the Wednesday at 11:30 along with some soft rolls and some cookies for dessert. The lunch closes at 2:30 and clean-up should be done by 3.


This is a great outreach opportunity for Ascension, and one that we have participated in a few years ago.  Please let me know if you would like to be involved in this venture - either preparing the soup on a Tuesday, or helping serving it on the Wednesday.


You can contact me at 905-263-4620 for further information, or talk to me at church.  I will be popping in to Victory Church on this Wednesday at 11:30 to get an idea of the set-up so if anyone would like to accompany me I would be thrilled.