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It seems as if we cannot turn around without bumping into another crisis.  The war rages in the Ukraine, Afghanis are still trying to flee their country, Syrians are stuck in camps waiting for foreign governments to come to their aid, our Indigenous people lack clean drinking water and are confronted by their residential school past, the housing crisis is out of control with prices skyrocketing to unprecedented levels, COVID continues to make itself felt.  

What can we do?  How can we express our love and follow our Christian calling?  These past two years our Outreach Committee has been very quiet, coming to terms with many changes that have affected our present lives.  Perhaps now would be a good time to revive and re-energize it.  In the face of so much need, both world wide and in our own community, let us decide on some projects that we can support with enthusiasm.

If you are interested in being part of the outreach team please contact me and we will arrange a meeting either virtually or in person to discuss how the Church of the Ascension can literally reach out to others.


Susan van Tijn   905-263-4620 or