As we continue to process the tragedy at Kamloops Residential School, and almost certainly at other residential schools across the country, the Toronto Urban Native Ministry has published a list of events being held online during this month of June to celebrate National Indigenous People's History month.  For a full list go to or "Read more" for information on a couple of upcoming webinairs.

The Importance of Growing Gardens

Webinar, June 20th 7pm Eastern Time Zone

Join KAIROS Teaching and Sharing Circles: In this session, Mary-Anne talks about the importance of growing gardens as a way to remind us that all the plants that we grow can help to sustain us in life”. Specifically, she explores the relationship between sowing seeds and the cycles of the moon and how to touch the earth, plant a seed, sing nurturing songs to it... and give healing to our spirit”.

We Are All Treaty People

Webinar, June 21st 7:00pm Eastern Time Zone

On National Indigenous Peoples Day, join Mary-Anne Kechego for traditional teachings about the Two-Row Wampum Belt & Dish with One Spoon treaty. Kechego will discuss the treaty territory of Southern Ontario and how it is important to educate our allies about what treaties represent and their responsibilities to uphold those treaties.”

Sacred Teachings Podcast

There are six incredible seasons to choose from the National Indigenous Ministries Sacred Teachings Podcast. From interviews with Indigenous psychologists to Traditional Teachings, this podcast series highlights the wisdom of Indigenous Elders from across the continent of Turtle Island.