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Holy Week encompasses the Sunday of the Passion, which we also call Palm Sunday, all the way through to our anticipated feast of Easter Sunday, the Sunday of the Resurrection.  Traditionally, faith communities offer services throughout the week to allow for each of us to make the journey, once again each year, through the most significant story of our faith.  Take a moment to consider the ways in which you can engage what is available to allow God to invite you more deeply into this meaningful season in our Church calendar.

Sunday March 24th, 10 am - Palm Sunday - Procession of the Palms & Holy Eucharist

Wednesday March 27th, 1 pm - Pondering the Pathways - A Modern Twist on the Stations of the Cross

Thursday March 28th, 7 pm - Maundy Thursday Service with the Washing of Hands

Friday March 29th, 9:30 am - Good Friday Community Walk - Meet at the Gazebo in Palmer Park

Sunday March 31st, 10 am - Celebration of Easter - Holy Eucharist, Children's program available during service