Some had asked last Wed to see General Synod news release and Primate Linda's pastoral letter about Mark's resignation. An article with links to them as well as to a letter from Mark: 


The Living Church article is worthy of reflection; consider reading it 3 times as we do the Gospel to get at meanings and implications, to discern what the Spirit is saying to each of us personally about honesty, truth, respect, courage, humility, wisdom and love; perhaps also about local parish, family and community life and relationships, the body of Christ. And how to pray.
Mark's letter 'to co-workers and relatives' is further down the article. 
Mark has explained many times the words of greeting said in his native language, part of which translates: 
'you are all my relatives.' So the letter would be for all of us.
My understanding of 'you are all my relatives' phrase, as I've learned from several Elders over time:
There is no verb tense or grammatical structure in English to convey all the meanings of those sacred words in Anishinaabe/Ojibwe which creates sacred space. When encountering someone not known - it can imply the question 'are you my relative?', or 'I don't know if you are my relative' as well as 'let's work at being relatives.' The first, because as nomadic peoples, they may not have encountered each other for years or may be unrelated. The latter, because there is foremost the desire to have a good mind, to walk the good road, to live by the seven elder/sacred teachings, recognizing there are many protocols not referred to here. 
I commend to you the Accession homily Feb 6/22 at the Cathedral in Toronto
If you do not wish to watch the whole choral evensong, begin watching at 1 hr 00 min 20 sec to 
1 hr 15 min 50 sec (15 minutes section)