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We recently opened a Church of the Ascension 2022 box of gifts and realized an abundance of many blessings.  Firstly, we unwrapped  in-service church services filling the church with joyful sounds including chatter and song.

 Inside the box were generous donations of treasures to hold a yard sale in the Spring and a Christmas bazaar.  Portions of our funds were donated back into our community—sharing our blessings.  The planning of these events brought high energy, laughter, and togetherness.

Another gift we opened was the gift of music.  Our choir remains strong in leading us in songs of worship under the leadership of our new music director, Michelle.  

We also unwrapped a small gift; one which hopefully will continue to grow.  That gift is called Family Worship.   Listening to the ideas/stories of young inquisitive minds and watching Rev Ruthanne instill Christian values brings hope and joy.

Many gifts inside the box are traditional and are most welcomed throughout the year---Thyme, Bible Study, Pastoral Care, Outreach, Chancel.

 We realize the ribbon which ties our gifts together—our volunteers, staff and members of Church of the Ascension make Christmas all year round.  May you and your families be blessed with a meaningful Christmas and may your homes be filled with joyful sounds.

Your Wardens:   Anne Paré, Glynnice Avery, Occo VanTijn