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This past Sunday I preached about being deeply rooted in the good soil of Jesus Christ, and finding our footing on the solid rock of God.  One of the important ways we attend to this "posture", as it were, is through studying the bible, meditating on that message and letting it sink into our spiritual bones.  

Here are some resources you may want to explore to help you do that.  (Thank you to those of you who sent in resources you are currently using!)

Whether you approach scripture with many questions, with hunger for meaning, or with a wary hopefulness, do not hesitate to explore with honesty and willingness.  You will likely be suprised at the places you find your mind and heart wandering.  And it may well bring you a mysterious strength and wisdom for the places life calls you!

May you be blessed on the journey!!

Vanderbilt University - The Revised Common Lectionary

These are simply the daily readings for each week during the current liturgical year.  Sometimes just focusing on one reading is easier.  Maybe picking up a journal, and writing down what strikes you that day.

Daily Lectionary Readings

Sacred Space - From the Irish Jesuit Community

A lovely online daily meditation guide.  Takes you through a reading with an opening prayer, guiding questions and closing prayer.

Sacred Space

Richard Rohr's Daily Reflections - From CAC

For the more cerebral amongst us - you can sign up for a daily delivery of reflections on God, theology and scripture from Richard Rohr and many of the most provocative and insightful Christian thinkers of our time.

Richard Rohr's Daily Reflection from The Centre for Action and Contemplation

YouVersion - Bible Reading App

This is an accessible app that you can download to your phone or ipad and use for daily bible reflection.

You Version

The Bible Project

This lovely project is aiming to make bible reading accessible, relevant and engaging.  They have multiple resources like reading plans, an app, articles and a podcast.  Lots to explore!

The Bible Project